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Why we use copper Why we use copper Why do we use copper in our geysers and solar collectors? The answer is quite simple. Copper is good for you.   Copper is a essential nutrient to life. in fact, for a variety of boichemical processes and critical enzymes in the human body to function properly, copper must be part of our daily die... Read more
Savings Savings According to data made available by the South African Weather Bureau, the total solar radiation normal to a plate surface orientated true north for the Cape Town area = 2017kWh per m² per year.Our panels are tested to be 65 - 70% efficient. Read more
The SP Valu Flatplate Collector RangeThe Sunstor 100 kPa Range

The Sunstor 400 Kpa Range
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The Sunstor 400 Kpa Range

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The Sunstor 400kPa was the first locally produced copper solar geyser in South Africa to carry a 400kPa pressure rating.

The combination of a epoxy strenghtened copper inner cylinder, a marine grade outer casing and superior insulation is what sets the Sunstor apart from it's competition.

The result is an solar geyser that keeps your water hot for longer, is repairable, recyclable and has a long life cycle.

Sizes Available:

100, 150, 200, 300, 450, 500 and 1000 litre volumes.

please note:100 to 300 litre geysers are available in direct and indirect variations. All models include electrical backup


  • The Sunstor has an aluminum (grade 5052) sheet metal outer casing made from a highly corrosion resistant grade successfully used in corrosion prone areas as the coast. The Aluminium outer casing will ensure for an attractive appearance that will not become unsightly over time.
  • The inner cylinder is uniquely made (patented application) of copper with extra strengthening achieved by an full body exterior laminate epoxy/glass layer. This combination of old school copper and new world epoxy/glass lamination ensures for 400 kPa working pressure while still keeping the water quality bacteria and disease free, as only copper can.
  • Insulation of the heated water is done better than the prescribed standards and able to withstand higher temperatures caused by solar collectors without degradation.
  • The Sunstor range can be purchased as a freeze resistant unit, whereby a heat exchanger is contained inside the cylinder that allows for indirect circulation (using a Glycol mixture) with a collector panel.
  • The Sunstor is flexible for various installations, as it can be mounted on most roof inclination angle (between 5 – 60 degree from horizontal) or horizontally inside a roof space. Wall mounting is also possible.
  • 100% locally produced product with locally sourced materials.
  • 5 years carry-in warranty *see terms and conditions

Solardome Sunstor specification sheet

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