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Why we use copper Why we use copper Why do we use copper in our geysers and solar collectors? The answer is quite simple. Copper is good for you.   Copper is a essential nutrient to life. in fact, for a variety of boichemical processes and critical enzymes in the human body to function properly, copper must be part of our daily die... Read more
Savings Savings According to data made available by the South African Weather Bureau, the total solar radiation normal to a plate surface orientated true north for the Cape Town area = 2017kWh per m² per year.Our panels are tested to be 65 - 70% efficient. Read more
Solar Heating Basics

Thermal Controller Basics

controllerA Solar thermal controller can be seen as the brains of a solar water heating system. It controlles and regulates the transport of heat between the storage vessel (geyser) and the solar collector.


Solar Pump Basics

pumpsThere are really only two basic types of solar pumps; positive displacement and centrifugal and these can both be subdivided into surface mount and submersible categories. Your water source will dictate whether you need to use a surface mount or submersible pump while your daily volume requirement and total dynamic head (TDH) will determine if you need a positive displacement pump or centrifugal pump.


Solar Still basics

solarstillThe distilling of water by means of  a solar still is achieved by means of 2 very basic principles, evaporation and condensation. Impure water gets inserted into the solar still where it is evaporated by the sun. The pure water vapor then condensates, gets collected and are then ready for use.

Solar Geyser Basics

solar geyserThe Difference between conventional and a solar hot water cylinders mostly lies with the amount of entry and exit points to and from the cylinders. Solar hot water cylinders should be very well insulated and be made from non-corrosive materials as they are commonly mounted outside.



Solar Collector basics

collectorAt the heart of a solar thermal system is the solar collector. It absorbs solar radiation, converts it into heat, and transfers useful heat to the solar system. There are a number of different design concepts for collectors such as flat-plate collectors and evacuated-tube collectors.

Solar Thermal System Basics

thermal systemOne of the most cost-effective ways to include renewable technologies into a building is by incorporating solar water heating. A typical solar water-heating system reduces the need for conventional water heating by about two-thirds, minimizes the expense of electricity or fossil fuel and reduces environmental impact.



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