• Solardome Solar Water Heaters
    Solardome Solar Water Heaters
    heating water as nature intented
    Solardome's solar water heating products are designed and manufactured with efficiency and durability in mind. Consisting solely out of corrosive resistant materials such as aluminium and copper, these solar collectors and solar geysers dont just look good, but also delivers.
  • Steca Thermal Controllers
    Steca Thermal Controllers
    the brains of a solar water heating system
    Steca's solar thermal products ensure the safe, effective operation of solar energy systems for domestic water heating and back-up heating. The centrepiece of a solar thermal system is the solar controller which uses the sun as a supply of energy in conjunction with the solar collectors, storage tanks and circulation pumps. It also monitors and controlls technical procedures.
  • SMA Inverters
    SMA Inverters
    The Heart of every Solar Energy System
    Harness the energy of the sun with a solar inverter from SMA. Leading-edge efficiencies of 98% and new technology ensures maximum yields and the highest user convenience. We offer you the right device for each application: for all module types,for grid-connection and feeding into stand-alone grids, for small house systems and commercial systems in the Megawatt range.
  • Steca Charge Controllers
    Steca Charge Controllers
    controls the energy flow of the entire system
    Powerfull precise algorithm to determine the actual state of discharge of a battery enables Steca's charge controllers to effectively monitor and charge the batteries when needed, resulting in the long-time of these batteries.
  • Solarworld Sunmodules
    Solarworld Sunmodules
    turn sunlight into power
    SolarWorld's Sunmodule™ Plus solar panels are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, performance and durability. The mono-and polycrystalline products from SolarWorld come in variety of power densities, making them suitable for all applications – from a residential rooftop to a large-scale facility
  • Steca Coolcept Inverters
    Steca Coolcept Inverters
    highest efficiency with longer service life
    The high efficiency results in a peak efficiency of 98.6 % and a European efficiency of up to 98.3 %, which results in less lost power that must be dissipated into the environment. This improves your yields. The efficiencies of these inverters are only very slightly dependent on the module input voltage. This allows the number and type of modules to be freely selected without resulting in a yield loss.

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