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Why we use copper Why we use copper Why do we use copper in our geysers and solar collectors? The answer is quite simple. Copper is good for you.   Copper is a essential nutrient to life. in fact, for a variety of boichemical processes and critical enzymes in the human body to function properly, copper must be part of our daily die... Read more
Savings Savings According to data made available by the South African Weather Bureau, the total solar radiation normal to a plate surface orientated true north for the Cape Town area = 2017kWh per m² per year.Our panels are tested to be 65 - 70% efficient. Read more

Welcome to Solardome SA

Solardome SA is a solar hot water system manufacturer that produces a high quality range of copper solar collector panels as well as copper solar hot water cylinders (solar geysers). Our systems are very efficient and are designed to withstand the test of time. Some of our systems are more than 30 years old and still deliver piping hot water on a daily basis.


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Supplier of Steca products
Proudly manufactured in Stellenbosch, South Africa
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